The Ultimate Membership to Grow A Highly Profitable Coaching Business... FAST
Covering Everything you need to Generare More Leads, More Clients and More Sales... 
Without the Fluff and hype...
Take the Guess Work Out of Targeting Your Niche, Mastering Your Offer, Creating Content & Signing Clients with one Affordable Membership
Coaches Monthly GOLD is for you if:
  • You want to wake up every morning, knowing the exact steps you need to take to grow
  • You want to know that without a doubt you're moving your business in the right direction
  • You want to take the guess work, trial and error out of your coaching business
  • ​You want a clear and simple system that you can build on consistently
If you are tired of posting daily, DMing everyone you can find. 
We're taking the guess work out of signing clients consistently....

Join Now to Get Instant Access to

  • A Community of Coaches supporting each other from $0-$10k/month, $10k/month - $30k/month & $50k+months
  • ​COURSE - Building a Highly Profitable Personal Brand… That can be monetised FAST
  • COURSE - ​Building an Offer that You LOVE and will Transform Lives of those you work with
  • ​COURSE - Content Creation and using the EXACT Systems we post to get floods of clients
  • ​COURSE - How to Market Intimately Before You Have a Large Following... 
  • ​COURSE - The EXACT things to say in DMs to book qualified warm leads
  • ​FULL SYSTEM - Our Sales process to enroll clients effortlessly
  • ​SOPs, Templates, for Content and Marketing
  • ​A Private Mastermind Group
  • ​Weekly Group Coaching from Jason 
  • ​Support from the entire 4Step Team
  • ​Updated monthly content to stay current with trends and new strategies (New Appointment Setting Content This Month)
  • ​And Much More...

Coaches Monthly GOLD Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step. How to Grow Your Personal Brand, Create a Bulletproof Offer And Start Generating Consistent New Clients...

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside the
GOLD Membership!

Pillar 1

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Our Priority is High level Execution of everything you are doing. We are not satisfied just giving out useless information...  we want to ensure you successfully & profitably implement everything you are learning. We will cover what is working RIGHT NOW inside our business and how you can replicate that. Every week we have a live call where you have the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and support. We also dive into a new topic every week, so you're constantly getting the most up to date information
On These coaching Calls We Will Dive into
  • Appointment Setting Troubleshooting: Real Conversations broken down on what you could do better how to ensure you are maximising your call conversions
  • KPI Tracking Maximisation: Using your live KPI Trackers unpacking what you need to do to hit your goals in the next month
  • What is working now: Each Call will aim to have a theme of what is working in the marketplace right now for us and our other 7/6 figure clients

Pillar 2

Coaches Monthly GOLD Course

Instantly get access to our GOLD course. This is a completely custom curriculum that we designed specifically for GOLD Members. Most Membership portals just recycle old outdated content. We didn't want to do that, so we've created a new course, and consistently add new modules monthly.
Here's some of the content available on the platform right now:
  • Bulletproof Niche, Offer and Messaging
  • ​Content Mastery - complete with your own content planner+Prompts
  • ​Sales Mastery - Custom Script, role plays, and Handling Objections
  • ​Quick Cash Campaign - the ultimate campaign to inject cash NOW! 

Pillar 3

Bulletproof Offer and Branding

"Make an offer so good your prospect will feel silly saying no"
It's not enough for us to just give you content on how to create an offer and build a brand. If you join GOLD, you're getting the chance to have your offer Audited by our team. Once you go through the Bulletproof offer and branding course work, you have the opportunity to show your offer to our team of coaches and we will give you a full breakdown on how to improve it and sell it ASAP!

Here's some of the components of the workshop:
  • The foundations of an offer
  • ​Nailing your Offer & Audience Fit
  • ​Building your “Marketable Offer”
  • ​Building your “Fulfilment Offer”
  • ​Connecting your offer to the market
  • ​How to scale - 10x vs. 1/10 

Pillar 4

Your Appointment Booking Playbook

Without a prospect even Harvey Specter wouldn't close anyone
This content was previously reserved for our High Ticket mastermind clients ($6k+) But now we're releasing it to you, so you can book more calls and convert them into clients.

Here's what's covered:
  • How to find the best Leads to speak too
  • ​How to warm someone up before you send that first message
  • ​How to get great responses even from tough prospects
  • ​Rapid Objection Handling
  • ​Connecting your offer to the marketBooking No brainer calls
  • ​What to improve in your messaging... (And how to do it)
"Coaches Monthly Gold is the Netflix for Coaches. It's got the content you need to grow FAST"

Try Today with Absolutely No Risk

We’ve worked with thousands of clients and been coached by some of the best in the world

If you don’t find value in what we do, I don’t want your money

Therefore, we have a 100% (Kick a Cat) Guarantee

If you’re not willing to kick a cat to stay in the program, then we don’t want your money

Well, you don’t have to kick a cat, and I will not be held liable if you do, actually just don’t

But you get the point, if you don’t love what we’re doing, then we will give you your first month back completely 

There’s literally zero risk for you
Our Legal Department has asked us to add... We do not condone kicking cats in any way. Please take this as just a metaphor.

Join the thousands of people right now, using what they already know to give amazing results for their clients and at the same time get paid more than doctors…

All with a Simple Social Media Brand and a Highly Profitable Offer...

Here's a snapshot of some results we've seen:

$50,000 A MONTH

Shannon DeSouza
Online Sales Coach

$75,000 A MONTH

Andy K
Online Sales Coach

First 2 Online Sales

Devon Booker
IT Career Expert

$10,000 in a Weekend

Maximillian Dabrowski
Hypnotists Business Growth Coach

*These results are not typical or guaranteed. Every one of these business owners made the decision to grow their business with the exact same bulletproof offer and client acquisition systems.

“But I don’t have a business yet?”

When it comes to starting and growing a coaching business, we’re going to build around 3 things, what you’re good at, what you enjoy and what we can monetise.
We can package your already incredible knowledge into a highly marketable offer. 

If you do not yet have the knowledge you need to build a profitable business.

We will teach you how to develop the no.1 skill that all business owners need inside their online business. (You don't even need to start your own business)

That highly profitable skill is: the ability to turn people into prospects into clients.

This is all without having to work 10 hour days in backbreaking labor, selling thousands of units of a product or even investing in your business.

Client Case Studies

A small snapshot of the clients we have worked with in the past few months.

We are fully committed to growing your business...

it’s what we dedicate our lives to

Here’s a recap of what you’re getting:
  • Building Your Bulletproof Offer Masterclass and 1on1 Audit
  • ​The FULL Appointment Setting Process (with scripting)
  • ​SOPs, Templates, for Content and Marketing
  • ​A Private Mastermind Group
  • ​Weekly Group Coaching
You’ll also receive these Bonuses worth over $3,000

  • Live Event Library
  • ​Reverse Engineering your Goals Worksheet
  • ​Profile And Marketing Audit
  • SOPs and Templates
  • ​App Setting Role play
  • ​​Offer Review Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

If you currently run or want to start a coaching/consulting/agency business and want to be extremely profitable, then yes this is the place for you to be. 

How long do I have access for?

If your membership is still active (meaning you're still paying), then you will have access to everything on this page. 

What happens if I unsubscribe?

You will lose access to the Gold Membership and be removed from the platform. No hard-feelings and you can re-join anytime. 

Why join a membership vs. a High Ticket Program?

This is not your average membership with old crappy content, this is custom curriculum designed to help you grow. This membership is specifically for people trying to grow to $10-$20k/month+ FAST. If you're beyond that already, then we suggest joining Coaches Monthly Platinum, where we can support you in growing to $50k/month. We never hide the fact that we have more options for us to work together. This is our main level and where a majority of our clients are. 

I'm already in another program should I still join?

Yes, we have people who have taken every program under the sun, but struggled to get results. Then they join GOLD and they've completely unlocked there business. Because of the cost, you can join this and be in other Higher ticket programs. But don't say we didn't warn you when we say "This will blow them away".

What kind of support is available in the membership?

Every week you have access to a group coaching call with Jason, the first portion Jason will teach a new topic/sub-topic. Then in the remaining time, Jason opens up Q&A, so you can get the help/support you need. 

We also have a community platform, where you can ask questions to the community, but also to the several coaches we have in there. They will answer your questions is as much detail as possible, to ensure you get on the right path. 
Let me sum it up for you..
The GOLD Membership is a Monthly program designed to give you insider access to high ticket coaches who have been able to sustainably grow a coaching business.

When you join the program you will get instant access to your very own private dashboard. On that dashboard you will find 20+ HD training lessons on topics such as goal setting, Appointment setting, mindset hacks, performance hacks, growing a personal brand and much more.

Claim Your Spot Now!

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